Top Picks of the Midsummer/Spring Season

The winds are indeed changing direction and the arrival of spring midsummer is upon us. From breezy nights to humid afternoons, a major dilemma faced by women is the fear of not findingthe perfect scents and fragrances for the coming warm midsummer season. Well fear no more ladies, because like always Bonanza Satrangi has got your back, here are some of the best picks to wear when it comes to fragrances, by Bonanza Satrangi. May it be an extravagant late-night concert or a midsummer lunch/hi-tea party these are the most promising fragrances of the season.

Bonanza Satrangi – Blossom

Dive into the floral and ecstatic fragrance of Bonanza Satrangi Blossom, created with the floral scents of blossoming gardens of France. Not only this the fragrance comprises soft and tantalizing tones which are blended with the keynotes of delicate flowers which surely embrace the arrival of the spring season. This fragrance is a perfect getaway when it comes to Hi-tea or Lunch parties because Bonanza Satrangi promises a scent so delectable and soft, that it leaves you spellbound. It is available in 100ml edition and captures the perfect essence to allure the crowd.

Bonanza Satrangi – Beautiful

Beautiful is the intoxicating and attractive fragrance introduced by Bonanza Satrangi, is a sensual fragrance, it comprises of key notes of Vanilla musk, French top notes of roses and soft lightness of lilies which will leave the crowd spellbound and make heads turn as you pass by. Beautiful is the ideal choice for you especially when you plan on attending sophisticated Corporate Event, or typical dinner date with your loved one. It promises sensitivity, softness and a complete blend of profound beauty with every sprinkle of the scent.

Bonanza Satrangi – Memories

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the sweet yet refreshing fragrance of Memories by Bonanza Satrangi. This is the perfect perfume fragrance for this season, comprising of the tangy freshness as hearty notes of citrus fruits, the sweetness of the nectarines and the infusion of woody and floral blends to make you revitalize with the scents of this nostalgic perfume. Memories are a very soft yet fizzy fragrance that is a perfect match for a hot midsummer day when you have to go for brunch with friends, a meeting with official colleagues in the humid afternoon or just to catch a cup of coffee in the breezy evening. It is available in the 100 ml editions and has a long-lasting fragrance that promises only good memories and happy moments.

Bonanza Satrangi – Santal Musk

Santal Musk is no ordinary fragrance introduced recently by Bonanza Satrangi promises the perfect blend of tradition and the essence of mystic nights. The most extraordinary quality of this fragrance is that it is light and bold at the same time, combining the essence of spices and ancient cashmeran moss woods, in line with the mesmerizing notes of inspiring top notes of Lily, Ylang and hearty notes of white flowers, which makes it the ideal choice for both men and women to opt for whether it’s a corporate event in the night, a concert, or even a dinner date with your loved ones.