Choose your fragrance – An enchanting visit to our new and exciting perfume wonderland

The scent is an invisible communicator of who you are and tells a lot about your personality. The fragrance you choose to wear tells your story or at least a part of your story. Think of a scent that you choose to wear as a final accessory that compliments your outfit or your mood for the day or evening accordingly.
Fragrances and scents hold incredible power. Fragrances are intrinsically linked to our emotions and memories. Bonanza Satrangi recently launched a completely new range of sensational scents to let you pick the right scent as per your personality type and taste. Let us explore Bonanza Satrangi’s new fragrance collection in light of personality types. Factors such as if the person is shy or outgoing can greatly affect what scents they like the most. Someone with a modern romantic personality will have different scent preferences than someone with warm and nature-loving personality. The scents fall into five main categories. These scents include floral, oriental, fruity, green, and woody.

Perfumes that fits you like a glove

1. Floral

Floral scents are ideal for individuals that are feminine, romantic, and like traditional scents. Floral scented perfumes are well suited for women that like to dress up and wear delicate makeup.

Bonanza Satrangi’s ‘Panache’ is a scent with clean fragrant notes that give the impression of fresh breezes and quiet classic glamour. Florals transform into soft bouquets in fragrant notes of rose, violet, mandarin, and traces of raspberry. Transitioning easily from day to evening, this scent is a signature fragrance that is understated and timeless. You may dab behind your ears and may carry a small bottle in your bag for a spritz in the afternoon.

2. Oriental

These fragrances are for individuals who enjoy being daring and flaunt confidence. This kind of people stands out because of their unique personality and warm sensuality. They usually enjoy making a statement, and the scents, such as ‘Champion Man’ and ‘Spirit of Love’ by Bonanza Satrangi will help them do just that. Oriental scents are rich and strong, and they need to be applied liberally with the understanding that the perfume you wear announces who you are in a bold fashion.

3. Green

These scents are for individuals that love overpowering fragrances. They often enjoy the smell of cut grass and have a relaxed personality. They love to be outdoors and enjoy earthy smells that remind them of being outside. Elements that green scents typically have include, violet leaves, ivy leaves, and rhubarb.

Green scents are dynamic fragrances that are stimulating, original, and intriguing. As with other elements of style, you may like to experiment with fragrance and enjoy fragrances from a few different families such as Spicy, Woody and Floral. Enjoy the relaxing yet lasting fragrance, ‘Infinity’ by Bonanza Satrangi to match it to your mood and clothing for the day, evening, or any event to be the spotlight.

4. Fruity

Fruity perfumes are for women that enjoy the fragrance of fresh fruits. They also like scents that are citrusy and spicy. Women of such kind enjoy this type of scent as they are young, energetic and full of life. These kinds of fragrances often contain ingredients such as peach, strawberry, raspberry, and orange. Perfumes that match this type of scent include, ‘Bellisima Red’ and ‘Falak’ by Bonanza Satrangi.

5. Woody

Woody scents are perfect for nature lovers as they are fresh, natural and simple. These scents are warm and earthy and show a person’s straightforwardness and simplicity. They often remind individuals of scents associated with cedar, sandalwood, or patchouli. Often times these fragrances have a touch of zesty citrus and lavender notes which gives it an aromatic scent. Some of the most notable perfumes that fall into this category include, ‘ My Pasha’, ‘Millionaire’ and perfume like ‘Intense Oud’ by Bonanza Satrangi.

The new fragrance range launched by Bonanza Satrangi includes stylish and distinctive fragrances that can help you incredibly in expressing your style and taste, while giving you an extraordinary experience, depending upon your varied preferences, leaving a trail wherever you float by.