As the COVID’19 is still on the edge, there’s a feeling of fear and anxiety hovering above and often get us into thoughts of what would happen next? But only if we broaden our outlook to calculate the pluses just for our own sanity, we would always find good deals too. No dearth of time is the prominent one on the list. Luckily, we got great amount of time to hang around the house exploring different ideas to be creative. While there is a lot to do at home, ladies are particularly delighted to try skincare woes. Makeup is no different. As some are particularly interested in skincare routines, others are inclined to create new quarantine looks. That they can later carry around once this lockdown will be lifted. So ladies, you can put yourself at ease because Bonanza Satrangi’s incredible line of beauty products that can double your pleasures.

When it comes to makeup, we know that you all love to have all kind of foundations, liners and blushes you come across with. But having a promising highlighter can reduce your need of using so many products. Your selection of Skin Twin Stick Highlighter can do this job. The luminosity can blur the imperfections and make your skin shine bright for perfect camera clicks.

There’s a saying that lipstick is itself a whole makeup. Whether you are a makeup junkie or not, possessing lipsticks can alone enhance our look. You can get your perfect pout with Instyle’s Extremely Matte Lipstick goes with your skin-tone. Taking the tiniest bit and dab into the center of our lips to get tinted lips. It can be your huge statement.

No makeup look is complete without your eye job at all. Curl your lashes with an eye curler and fill in your lashes with Focus Point Black Mascara to complete the look. It is intensely black; longwearing that gives fuller, long and thick faux looking lashes. What else could you ask for?