A Spell That Binds!

What do you notice first in a person you meet for the first time- eyes, smile, charisma, or what they smell like? If you are in those who notice what people smell like in the first place, then you have probably landed up in the right place. It has been believed by many fragrance lovers that “the perfume you wear makes your very personal statement of its own” or “you are never fully dressed without perfume”. You cannot really underestimate the power and lasting impression of a good fragrance that it leaves on the other person. If you are longing a signature scent for yourself and anyone special, Bonanza Satrangi’s perfume gift boxes might help you. There is sure a perfume that will become your or your people’s statement!

Do you want to give intangible but most beautiful gifts to your special ones – like emotions, love, smile, feelings? Are you wondering where you can even find them? The good news is you can find them! You can find them all infused in a small crystal perfume bottle. What would be an incredibly memorable present than giving a complete gift box of perfumes that contains all – from your feelings to your emotions?

If you are looking for a fresh and floral scent statement for yourself, the floral and spicy notes from this perfume would guaranteed tie you down. The set comprises of not only perfume but a body mist and a face cream too. A complete feminine set for your daily routine to calm your conscience and soothe all your senses. If you are dedicated wearers of light pleasing scent, this is just for you!

Do you want to cast a spell on people around you by your perfume choice? An alluring and fascinating perfume with a base note of intense aroma of Moss and Vanilla will help you. Create the first impression with a woody fruity top note as a shower gel and a body spray with floral heart notes of rose, jasmine, and geranium. Certainly, a right picks up for masculine musk.